Gorgeous Hat Styles to Rock This Winter Fashion Season

As the temperature begins to drop and there is a chilly breeze in the air the time has come to spice up your wardrobe with winter staples that can keep you warm and add a stylish twist on your winter outfits. You know what they say great style is in the details and what better way to add a dose of charm and elegance to your look this winter than with a stylish hat that can keep you warm and cosy while running errands around town? In my opinion, a chic hat is the queen of all accessories simply because it’s an all-season essential that can be paired with pretty much anything. Continue reading


Three’s a Charm: Bags You Must Have in Your Arm!

Handbags have a special place in the wardrobe of every woman. They are one of the most valued fashion accessories simply because their purpose goes beyond keeping all your items and valuables neatly organized. They can enhance the best elements of your everyday look and allow you to make a unique fashion statement with little effort. Let’s be honest there is nothing quite like a trendy bag to add a dose of elegance to your outfit and make it look well put together. Even the most simple dress will look stylish and fancy when paired with the right handbag. Continue reading

Skate Gear Guide: Skateboard Socks, Shoes & Apparel

There are no doubts that the popularity of skateboarding is on a rinse. More and more young people are enjoying the ride on decks. Since it is quite dangerous sport having the right equipment and wear is more than important. No matter you are a professional or beginner, safety and comfort are essential for any skateboarder. As a skateboarder you are in constant movement and all those tricks you are making with your decks are simply amazing. But, if you do not have the right gear and clothing to wear, everything becomes more difficult. When talking about proper gear and wear, you may think shoes are more important when it comes to tearing it up on your skateboard, but try wearing skate shoes on bare feet.

skateboard socks

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Clothing You Actually Need to Pack for Your Mediterranean Vacation

There are great Mediterranean vacation destinations to explore. From the beautiful Spanish island Majorca, recognized for its rich nature and culture, the magnificent Italian village Manarola and his great hiking trails, the French Riviera and the various exciting cities to the unique volcanic island Santorini in Greece and the great beaches in Cyprus, there are many exceptional sights to see and things to do.

Your Mediterranean sea trip will for sure be an experience to remember. You will have the opportunity to visit great historic locations, taste the delicious yet healthy Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy the great weather. Speaking of weather, what you need to know is that the Mediterranean climate is quite different than the Australian climate.

The temperatures in different seasons vary greatly. Thus, depending on the time period you are traveling, you need to know what to include in your check list and buy from your favourite clothing or fashion accessories store. In short, here are the basic clothing and accessories pieces you should pack in your luggage before you head to your Mediterranean vacation destination:sun hat - Copy Continue reading