No Caravan is Complete without an Antenna

caravan with antenna

Travelling around Australia is a fun thing to do! Me and the wifey take our two children and spend the summer travelling all around, having fun either on the beach or on the mountain. However, whenever there is rugby match on tv, I need to watch it at any cost! For that reason, a lot of Winegard antenna Australia retailers offer good deals, so even your wife can watch her favourite soap operas.

caravan with antenna

Now what kind of TV depends on how much money are you willing to invest. Nevertheless, an RV without two TVs is not really an RV. One for the outside, one for the inside, the perfect combo. Imagine yourself watching some football near the beach drinking some beer – ah perfection. But, wait, what does the Winegard antenna offer?

The Winegard antenna Australia most popular antenna offers high-quality signal, with clear and High definition pictures of the same quality as sitting in your house. Some antenna’s that are used around the area of your home allows you to broadcast up to 55 miles away from your home, because of the integrated amplifier boosts the tv signal giving them a very clear reception.

This antenna has a long lasting durability, that can span more than 20 years. They are resistant to UV lights and have gone through a lot of environmental testing such as hot weather, rainy weather and even cold weather(which rarely happens). To be honest, my uncle has one for 5 years, and there is not even a scratch on it, working in top condition! Heh, he still watches Discovery Science, that old geek.

When it comes to signals, this antenna can get all the VHF digital channels. It has special optimisation for HD reception, with auto-raising of the sensar antennas in any direction so the signal is clear as much as possible.

And the channel you will watch, are just the best: FOX (The Simpsons, Sports and everything Bill O’Reilly) ABC network (Once Upon A Time, Agents of Shield and much more) and a lot of more channels for all ages (Never forget Cartoon Network!).

Having a TV in your van makes it like home. After a long journey, you will need to take a break and relax together with your family, watching your favourite tv show. These are precious moments, maybe because this is the generation we grew up with, however, it is enjoyable and will remain in our memories for a long time.


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