Three’s a Charm: Bags You Must Have in Your Arm!

Handbags have a special place in the wardrobe of every woman. They are one of the most valued fashion accessories simply because their purpose goes beyond keeping all your items and valuables neatly organized. They can enhance the best elements of your everyday look and allow you to make a unique fashion statement with little effort. Let’s be honest there is nothing quite like a trendy bag to add a dose of elegance to your outfit and make it look well put together. Even the most simple dress will look stylish and fancy when paired with the right handbag.

Each season new trendy handbags for ladies make a glorious appearance on the fashion scene and capture the attention of fashionistas with their unique design. But, trends come and go. What is considered “in” at the moment might seem completely outdated the next session when new trends will take over the fashion scene. However, there are some styles of handbags that have a timeless appeal and can’t be replaced by any new trend. These are bags that combine fashion and style to make your outfits look polished and elegant at all times. Let’s take a look at some of these trendy handbags for ladies that rule the fashion scene every season.


The classic tote

From running errands around town to going shopping with your friends, a classic tote would serve as the ideal everyday bag. It has a simple design meaning you can pair it with any outfit, whether that be a floral summer dress or a a pair of jeans and a plain tank top. Tote bags usually come with long straps and provide enough space for all your daily essentials like make-up, phone, keys, etc.

The chic hobo

Specious interior and chic design these are the features that make the hobo bag a timeless beauty. It is a large unstructured handbag that features a single strap so you can comfortably wear it over the shoulder. Hobo bags and casual outfits a always a win-win combo, but a nice leather hobo can perfectly complement a more formal outfit as well.

The charming clutch

With its elegant design and small size the clutch is the ideal choice for a night out with your friends, a cocktail party with your colleague or a formal dinner. It would add a dose of charm and elegance to any evening outfit whether that be a classy evening gown, a stylish cocktail dress of a dressy skirt and top.


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