Choosing the Right Car Muffler for You

A muffler is a component of a car’s exhaust system that is responsible for minimizing the noise produced by the engine and have some influence on vehicle performance as well. A typical muffler consists of one inlet valve, one or two outlet valve, a housing for both, and a resonant chamber, and is connected to the exhaust pipe on one side, and the tailpipe goes to the other side.

While manufacturers tend to say that one design is better than the other, the fact is that any one of these designs can be effective. Therefore, choosing the best car muffler for sale is less about technology and more about measured performance gains.

Car muffler for sale options are stainless steel mufflers, aluminum mufflers, and aluminized mild steel mufflers. Stainless steel mufflers are considered to be the ‘highest quality’ muffler type as they last longer and look better as well.

Different Styles of Mufflers

Due to the many aftermarket manufacturers, there is quite the selection out there – from direct fit mufflers to universal mufflers your options are numerous. Performance and noise levels vary from one model to the other. These are the main types.

Standard – These are the mufflers that manufacturers add to their vehicles. They come with chambers and cylinders that cancel out sound waves to the maximum degree. However, they don’t provide any extra torque or power to the vehicle. Their purpose is to keep your vehicle quiet.

Performance Mufflers – These mufflers feature a more flowing design that increases power and noise. They are the largest range of mufflers, both in style and performance. These mufflers can have a ‘stock’ appearance or be a louvered bullet style.

Race Mufflers – This category include different styles – some meant for ‘race use only’ or ‘off road use only’. There are people who use them for high horsepower applications, but vehicles with less than 500 horsepower can actually lose power with these kinds of mufflers.

Choosing the Right Muffler

While some people say one should choose a muffler based on how it sounds, we believe you should select a model that is designed especially for your vehicle. The majority of muffler manufacturers offer vehicle-specific mufflers, but if you have a problem finding one for your vehicle, you can consider a universal fit muffler based on your engine size. It is essential that you choose the right muffler size because a muffler that is too large or too small for your vehicle will negatively impact its performance, and we believe that is the last thing you want.


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