Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

My friend Sarah has birthday nest Friday. I was wondering what to buy for her birthday.
Yes, I know it’s to early, but I better start with my plannings, so I will never be out of time.
It’s really nice to have done all the things on time.

happy-red-birthdaySo I was searching through internet, looking for ideas… I came up to one really interesting article.
It’s called „Ways To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party“. I kind a like it.
It inspired me a lot.

I came up with an idea for surprise party, but in her style. In the restaurant we used to sit while high school. She would love it.
I haven’t been there for ages, I guess she hasn’t been also there for a long time. It’s really nice to memorize all the nice stuffs you have done. It’s refreshing and it’s charging your energy.

Also I am thinking of buying small present as a gift. Wooden box, with a little note inside. On the upper part of the box, i will put a mirror. When she will open it, she will see her self, and then on the note she will read the qoute. It would be something like: „it’s all worthy for this smile ;)“
Or something else?
Do you have an idea what to write as a quote?

Would you be kind and write me down?

p.s. Sarah is friend of mine. She know that I started writing this blog, but I think she is not still to much into it, so I hope she wouldn’t read it before I prepare her the surprise party.


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